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 We can measure to within a 2MM tolerance for all our glass Balustrade / Juliette installations.


Glass Balustrades offer a versatile, cost effective solution and give stunning, contemporary results.


The combination of satin or mirror polished stainless steel tube, with stylish modular stainless steel components and toughened glass provides a balustrade that is suitable for almost any application, including stairwells, decking and balconies.


Juliet balconies were named after the famous balcony scene from Shakespeare's tragic love story Romeo and Juliet. Like a petite porch or a very shallow balcony perhaps a foot (or 30cm) deep,


A juliet balcony is smaller than a traditional balcony. It will probably only have enough room for one, or at most two, people to stand on. Some Juliet balconies don't have any floor at all, being simply a set of railings held flush to the wall for visual effect.


These days, you will often find this type of balcony positioned above a traditional family room with a two-story ceiling. For safety reasons, in order to act like a safe barrier, they are mostly built with strong wrought iron or steel railings.


When renovating your residential property, many people want to avoid building an extended structure, you will find that a Juliet balcony is a far more attractive option.


They can be installed quickly and easily and are not as expensive as traditional balconies, there is no need for any re-evaluation of the foundations of your house and no extra foundations required in order to accommodate them.